It’s cancer. Really?

Kellan is home and so happy to be with his big brother, Parker. Thank you to our family and friends that pitched in to give both Kellan and Parker a mini room makeover – they are so excited! We also came home to a VERY clean/organized house, stocked fridge, flowers, dinners and notes from so […]

Post-op MRI results.

The MRI confirmed 100% of the main tumor is gone and the fluid redirect is working as it should. The news we were looking for today! Kellan is still in PICU for recovery- so proceeding with caution. Tonight he asked for Spongebob and a snack, typical for Kellan! Next step is when the pathology results […]

Yes, it’s brain surgery.

Kellan’s surgery went as planned. They were able to remove the tumor and a MRI tomorrow will confirm. We now are waiting on the pathology results to start his treatment plan. I am so proud of this brave little warrior. His journey isn’t going to be easy and we would be so grateful if you […]

“It might be a tumor.”

Calling in prayer requests for my 4 year son, Kellan! A.k.a. Kellan Kellan Watermelon “Smasher”. Last night Kellan was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Kellan is a trooper, his name literally means “warrior” but this one is gonna need some extra help. We are asking you please pray for him, his surgery team and our […]