Post-op MRI results.

The MRI confirmed 100% of the main tumor is gone and the fluid redirect is working as it should. The news we were looking for today! Kellan is still in PICU for recovery- so proceeding with caution. Tonight he asked for Spongebob and a snack, typical for Kellan! Next step is when the pathology results come in to give us our treatment plan for the spinal lesions early next week.We are thinking of all of you! We are so grateful you have made us part of your lives, thoughts and prayers for Kellan. We feel you love and support and love hearing the updates on many wonderful stories of prayer efforts in Kellan’s name from prayer groups to walks to chains to masses to Facebook groups and more. Please continue to pray for our warrior, Kellan as his journey is just getting started. God is listening.God is good.God is loving our little boy. Next update will likely be Monday/Tuesday. This is the hard part… waiting!

In love and faith, Kristin & Mike

Yes, it’s brain surgery.

Kellan’s surgery went as planned. They were able to remove the tumor and a MRI tomorrow will confirm. We now are waiting on the pathology results to start his treatment plan. I am so proud of this brave little warrior. His journey isn’t going to be easy and we would be so grateful if you continue to keep him and our family in your thoughts and prayers. THANK YOU to each and every person that started an incredible ripple effect across the world for Kellan. We feel your support, love and thoughts. We are beyond grateful and will continue to keep you all updated as we know more.

In faith and love, Kristin and Mike -Kellan too!

“It might be a tumor.”

Calling in prayer requests for my 4 year son, Kellan! A.k.a. Kellan Kellan Watermelon “Smasher”. Last night Kellan was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Kellan is a trooper, his name literally means “warrior” but this one is gonna need some extra help. We are asking you please pray for him, his surgery team and our family during tomorrow’s surgery.If you can call in a few favors too that would be great. We will take all we can get!

With gratitude and in faith, Kristin & Mike