CHOP x KFF Collaboration

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Integrative Oncology team to bring to life our “Happiness Boxes” inspired by Kellan. We just completed the taping for the videos. Our goal is to provide each patient treated at CHOP the opportunity to take a home a “Happiness Box” to […]

Pediatric Research Grant

We did it! With your help we were able to issue our first pediatric research grant to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for $10,000. This grant is supporting two brain cancer projects in Dr. Kristina Cole’s lab. Dr. Cole was Kellan’s oncologist. She helped us find the right project(s) that would not only support research but […]

Our Angel

Kellan Michael FordMarch 11, 2016 – June 11, 2021 Kellan went home to God early this morning peacefully in his sleep. It is hard to say goodbye, although just for now. Seeing him truly peaceful just before he passed brought me comfort. He hung on just a little longer to allow Parker to come to […]

Miracles in May

May was filled with love and many mini miracles. May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month – we saw first hand how horrible this disease can be. We spent 19 days in the hospital and several of those days in the ICU. Kellan had palliative radiation, infusions to help stop the cancer in his marrow from […]

A new path

Kellan Update, April 2021: This has been a tough one to process and to write…Last week Kellan was admitted to the hospital, for a week. He was due for check-in scans to check progress, but we did them scans early since we were admitted. Many of you have heard Kellan has had unbearable knee and […]

Signs of progress + setbacks

Kellan Update: December was a blur. Kellan’s MRI showed his spinal tumors are shrinking!! Since he was experiencing quite a bit of bone pain they did a bone biopsy too. A week later we got the news the cancer spread to his bone marrow, small amounts but nonetheless- not what we wanted to hear. Round […]

Radiation Journey

Kellan, our mighty warrior, rings the gong to signify the end of his 30 radiation treatments! (Includes end of treatment freak out… we are good now!) Please continue to pray for Kellan… over the next few weeks the radiation does its job of finding and killing every last tumor and cancer cell in his brain […]

We believe in miracles…

We believe in miracles… and yes, we are asking for three miracles. It’s a tall order, but we remain steadfast in our faith Kellan is in God’s gracious hands. The outpouring of support has been absolutely incredible over the last 8 weeks. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to each and every one of […]


While Kellan was healing from brain surgery and pre treatment, doctors suggested as much normalcy and exposure to new thing s as possible. The Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown created the ULTIMATE experience for Kellan. Kellan along with some of his best friends (Mom, Dad, Parker AND Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins) came along. Kellan […]

A moment in time capture.

Meet Carlyn. Carlyn is a pretty amazing photographer in Montgomery County, PA. You can see for yourself here.

A good friend of ours, Nora, had the idea to gift us family photos to capture THIS moment in time, post diagnosis and pre treatment. Carlyn heard ours story and decide to gift her time and talents to us – one momma to another.