It’s cancer. Really?

Kellan is home and so happy to be with his big brother, Parker. Thank you to our family and friends that pitched in to give both Kellan and Parker a mini room makeover – they are so excited! We also came home to a VERY clean/organized house, stocked fridge, flowers, dinners and notes from so many of you. My Mom and sisters, Kelly, Tori and Jo/Kar from a far, continue to amaze me on what they had accomplished in such a short time.

What’s next… We will be home for a couple weeks to allow Kellan to heal from brain surgery. Although they got the main tumor it did spread to the spine. The tumor subtype he has is aggressive, called Medulloblastoma. We are so grateful to have local doctors at CHOP/UPENN that treat this type of tumor and we are even more grateful there is a treatment plan.

We asked for a chance to fight and we have it.We are taking it day by day, asking for God’s grace and strength to handle what is a head. This road is not easy and we will need ALL the support, love and prayers we can muster from all corners of our world. Because Kellan’s cancer is aggressive, so too will his treatment. We will be asking everyone to pray for Kellan during his upcoming 6 weeks of radiation, asking the treatment kills the cancer as it should and spares Kellan long term damage. Miracles do happen with the power of prayer and intention. After radiation Kellan will have a month off before starting 4-6 cycles of chemotherapy. We will keep you updated. We need you! From the bottom of our hearts thank you for all those that have reached out to us, our parents, and our siblings. We are all still processing the sheer volume of people that are behind Kellan. We love you all!

Thank you to those that have made donations to the GoFundMe set up by my best friends, our Venmo and mailed checks. We don’t know what to say. We are quickly learning how helpful that money will be as we make our daily trips to the hospital, rehabilitation and interventions for recovery.

Thank you to all those that have reached out by phone, cards, texts, messenger, and via family. To those that continue to share Kellan’s story, thank you- you are continuing a ripple effect of prayers and support. Your outreach is reassuring knowing our little guy has an amazing support system.

A special thanks to Parker’s friends parents for getting him ready for school and keeping him busy while we were at the hospital. He is one lucky kiddo and I’m one grateful Momma!You hear it takes a village… that rings true with us now. You have been our village, our hope and our support. We are so grateful and will continue to pray for you and you have for us.

In love and faith, Kristin, Mike, Parker and our Warrior, Kellan

[A special smile from God: A special thanks to the Landon Vargas Foundation for the Emoji Bag and Emoji Pillow… delivered to the CHOP oncology floor just 3 days before we were admitted. My Dad happened to purchase bags a few weeks earlier to be donated… who would have thought one of those bags would have been for his grandson. For those that don’t know Landon was a student at Kellans school that lost his battle to cancer a few years ago. Landon was a guest basketball player on the varsity winning tournament team my Dad coached and brother Kyle played on. Words cannot express the sense of peace we had receiving this gift. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and now has a new meaning for our family.]