A new path

Kellan Update, April 2021:
This has been a tough one to process and to write…Last week Kellan was admitted to the hospital, for a week. He was due for check-in scans to check progress, but we did them scans early since we were admitted.

Many of you have heard Kellan has had unbearable knee and leg pain since early November. During February the pain spread to his arms, sternum, hips and jaw. An early February bone scan was inconclusive. This time around we opted for a PET MRI vs bone scan.

We are heartbroken to share Kellan has stopped responding to his treatment. The PET MRI shows widespread tumor in his bone marrow throughout both legs, and is also in his arms, sternum and hips (and several other spots in his bones). The doctors are amazed he is able to walk/run and is not in more pain.

About an hour after we got the news Kellan had his one on one yoga session with Ms Tonia (yes he is a yogi). At the end of his session, Kellan was asked to randomly selected “his mantra”, he chose “Today I choose happiness.” See the photo below.

**This** (Choose Joy / Choose Happiness) has been my/our mantra the entire diagnosis. Always looking for the good and grateful for all our moments.

This was a gift, a reminder, that you can choose how you react, respond and live. Kellan continues to teach me what true strength means. The next day we also learned his brain MRI shows two new spots son his brain. Yet, his spine MRI remains unchanged.

Now what… We are buying as much quality time as possible to create a lifetime of memories in a matter of months. We have “months” but it’s vague, it could be less, it could be more.

We are starting a new low dose chemo in an attempt to slow the spread. We will know if it’s working in a month or two. Pray for pain free days for Kellan as the disease progresses.

We are holding strong and heartbroken.

Our focus now is Kellan. We are smiling, laughing, dancing, karate, backyard sports, lots of “I love you’s”, mini-golf, board games, spontaneous picnics, sushi and building Legos.

We are living our best lives together.

We invite all of you to join us by making the most of every moment and choose happiness every chance you can.

Please pray for us, for Kellan and quality pain-free time. Pray for his big brother Parker, this news is especially hard for an 8 year old. Parker is a special kid with a heart of gold.

We will never give up on our prayers for a miracle! We also acknowledge the miracles that have already happened and are so grateful.

God continues to surround us and embrace us – he has carried us and continues to lift us up from this darkness. My faith is stronger than ever. May God continue to bless us and our sweet boy.

In love and faith,

#kellanstrong #choosehappiness #choosejoy