Radiation Journey

Kellan, our mighty warrior, rings the gong to signify the end of his 30 radiation treatments! (Includes end of treatment freak out… we are good now!)

Please continue to pray for Kellan… over the next few weeks the radiation does its job of finding and killing every last tumor and cancer cell in his brain and spine while minimizing the long-term effects of full brain and spine radiation.In the car this morning, Kellan and I shared what we are grateful for during his treatment:

  • Today was his last day of treatment! 😍
  • He only lost some of his hair.
  • He was able to play with Parker and take his medicine the whole time- like a big kid.
  • Mr Monroe for our parking spot and special elevator and the parking garage team Mr William for being so nice and giving me a toy car and Mr Gill for stopping the cars when we cross and Ms Nash for letting us in when the lot was full and introducing us to Mr Monroe.
  • Ms Helena for the Swedish fish and taking his temperature everyday.
  • Ms Christine for checking us in and the free parking scan!
  • Mr Chris for keeping us company in the waiting room.
  • Ms Megan for all the “activities” before treatment, the Port Duck and teaching me how to get my port so it’s not scary. We love you! Don’t forget Miss Devon when Ms Megan was off, Mom!
  • Ms Kelly for all the early appointment times.
  • Ms Beth for being the sweetest nicest nurse “doctor”, I love Miss Beth!
  • Ms Jen, Jess, Mar, Laurie, for being so nice to me – they are the best!
  • Ms Liz for checking in on me and giving us tips for symptoms.
  • Dr Hill-Keyser for being our advocate and helping plan the best treatment possible.
  • Ms Lisa for stopping in and keeping us comfortable.

Needless to say our entire team at UPENN and CHOP has left a lasting impression on our journey, we are forever grateful. XO