Signs of progress + setbacks

Kellan Update: December was a blur.

Kellan’s MRI showed his spinal tumors are shrinking!! Since he was experiencing quite a bit of bone pain they did a bone biopsy too. A week later we got the news the cancer spread to his bone marrow, small amounts but nonetheless- not what we wanted to hear. Round one of chemotherapy had just started so we are waiting to see if he will respond to treatment in his bone marrow.

After chemo he spiked a fever when his counts were at zero and we spent Christmas/Christmas week in the hospital. We did Christmas via zoom after Mike/Parker brought us Santa gifts that morning… still magical in it’s own way. (A special thank you to the Landon Vargas Foundation for making this Christmas extra special ❤️🎗, we are so grateful 😉) He experienced neurotoxicity from chemo which caused his nerves misfire with increased back and leg pain and wasn’t able to walk in his own. That passed and we were able to get home for the New Year. Each day is getting better and he is getting stronger!Kellan is playing soccer outside with Parker again, riding a stationary bike with iPad games, scootering at the park, attending virtual school, crushing on a very cute classmate and being Kellan!

You cannot help but think he is God’s miracle in the making- for all he has been through he keeps pushing, he keeps fighting.

Tomorrow starts Round 2 of chemo…. This round of chemo has to show it’s working or we need a plan B. Please continue to pray for him, his body accepts the treatment and most of all he continues to smile through it all!

A BIG thank you to Brian Szalabofka for planning today’s amazing surprise for Kellan, a 90

A 90+ Jeep Wrangler parade filled with Spongebob, signs, balloons and honking! All made possible with the support of Towamencin Township Police Department. Thank you!! We are so grateful for the generosity of our extended Jeep family and our local police officers. What a special surprise for our family and one heck of a send off for Kellan’s second round of chemo tomorrow.

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